Products: Blown Fiber Optic Cables

Gamma Telecom is an advanced Blown Fiber Optic Cable system for underground duct networks. our  product line is a complete solution with designs suitable for many applications and needs from backbone networks to FTTx.  Whether the need is for high fiber density or small cable diameter,Gamma Telecom has the solution.  Designs are always based on minimal cable and duct diameters for cost effective installation and materials.

Gamma Telecom  are jetted through a network of microducts using compressed air.  Conduit systems can be laid and microducts and cable can be blown in as and when required.  This gives installers the flexibility of deploying fiber only when needed, thereby reducing initial investment costs.  Making provisions for future installations also means that only the very latest fiber optic technology is used and therefore scaled to changing market demands.

Gamma Telecom system can be used for overriding existing networks and conduits, which reduces network disruption and expensive excavation costs and permits during installation.  Gamma Telecom cable is lightweight and flexible made with a specially designed low friction jacket to enable greater jetting lengths to reduce time and cost.