Fiber -To -The Home (FTTH )


GAMMA TELECOM is one of the leaders in Designing, Supplying and Implementing FTTX infrastructure Projects both Point-To-Point (P2P) and Point-To-Multi Point (P2MP). We provide complete range of FTTX Products including Feeder Cables, Drop Cables, Street Cabinets, Splitters, ODFs, subscriber Boxes. Reference projects Point-To-Multi Point (DAMAC MAll and a Prototype of one one building in Baron City )


Switches (HP , Cisco , GE , .... )


To meet current and future network needs, Gamma Telecom Selling  switches for a wide range of solutions, including Cisco , HP and GE borderless networks, data center virtualisation and small business. Insight offers a wide range of managed and unmanaged networking switches to suit every requirement.


Fiber Optic Termination with Fan - Out Technology


It is a new termination technology in which we protect fiber cores inside ODF, it seems like pigtails but gives even better performance. IN Telecom Egypt standard The IL for pigtail+splice should not exceed 0.8db……in this technology it should not exceed 0.5db. No(ce that the bared fiber (250um coated ) is covered with 900um jacket + kelevar for balancing mechanical stress in layout , finally it covered with 2mm jacket pvc for cable protection. This cable construction inside the patch panel ( it is the same cable construction for patch cords) will secure the cable and it will make the maintenance much more easier and it will increase the life time of the cable.